Thursday, May 24, 2018

[Teaser of the day] Jeremy Messersmith - #5

  • Indie pop/rock
  • Art pop/rock
  • Baroque pop
  • Singer-songwriter
  • Chamber pop
  • Alternative pop/rock

Release: Paper Moon
Label: Self-released/Bandcamp
Year: 2012

Hundra Fåglar – Svågerpolitik (2014)

  • Post-rock 
  • Art rock 
  • Chamber rock 
  • Epic

Comment: the release comes out of Sweden, it is an instrumental release without any possible spoken suggestions yet quite fragmented music provides enough suggestions for. From frozen chamber music and piano tapped induced dreams and iterative effect loaded and shifted guitars to dim synthesised flickers and a glockenspiel driven still life. Indeed, the result is rock music, more profoundly, rock music as a state of art.

The Tinopener's Art – A Mode Of Reward (2017)

  • Electronic pop 
  • EBM 
  • Synth-pop 
  • Post-disco 
  • Rave music 
  • EDM 
  • Dark electro 
  • Trip-hop

Comment: this bunch of 14 tracks is a hefty meal of different styles, some of them are more contemporary, some of them harking back to the past. While stepping back it is sometimes necessary to get a glimpse toward the future. At times it is surprising like entering into a parallel universe. Do you know how would sound Rammstein produced by an electronic body music producer? Here it is. By the way, many songs are backed up by rough German language. The artist has set up some tracks on autotune and deliberately clean digital sounds thereby showing up his wish to take part in a contemporary music scene, more profoundly, entering into the post-rave and EDM scene. For sure, many compositions are vamped up a bit in an exaggerated way and it's a positive approach to shake the frowsty styles. The words are often seductive and loaded with velvety eroticism. The album is finished off with a suggestive trip-hop beauty, called At The End Of The Road which reminds me of Pulp's more seedy tracks like This Is Hardcore, and Seductive Barry. Artsy pop. It is classy to end an issue with a classy track.

[Teaser of the day] Chenard Walcker - Verification du bon cablage de votre chaine

  • Sampledelic
  • Cinematic
  • Avant-garde
  • Mood music
  • Breaks
  • Cut and paste
  • Plunderphonics
  • Leftfield
  • Electronic music
  • Sound collage

Year: 2006

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

[Teaser of the day] Jòvenes y Sexys - Gold Day (Pepepe Remix)

  • Indietronica
  • Alternative pop
  • Indie pop
  • Remix
  • Electronic
  • Art pop

Year: 2010

[Teaser of the day] The Hermit - Totality


  • EBM
  • Alternative
  • New Wave
  • Electronic music
  • Industrial electro
  • Crossover
  • Synthwave
  • Neue Deutsche Welle

Artist: The Hermit
Release: The Gate 
Label: Broque
Year: 2016

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

[Teaser of the day] Joxfield ProjeX - The Entropy Is Strong

  • Space rock
  • Experimental rock
  • Jazz rock
  • New Age
  • Impovised music
  • Avant-rock
  • Kosmische Musik
  • Fusion
  • Crossover
  • Art rock

Year: 2010

The Walcker Crew – OK Robot (2005)

  • Sampledelic 
  • Plunderphonics 
  • Electronic music 
  • Psychedelic 
  • Afrofunk 
  • Alternative dance 
  •  World music 
  • Afrofuturism 
  • Crossover 
  • Mood music 
  • Easy listening

Comment: today is the birthday of Morrissey, the godfather of indie pop/rock. The icon's band The Smiths has saved my life for many times and will be doing in that way. Indeed, I have listened to The Smiths today and of course I did drink 100 grams to bless Moz and his righteous way. Indeed, I am aware of those little worms up today who have tried to accuse him to be a racist, islamophobic and so on. Screw you, you blind hypocrites. Moz is one of those few ones who deserves the status of saint in these days. In the meantime I have listened to a French samplecore/plunderphonic artist, Chenard Walcker who had towered higher than his destiny and inspite of grave disease in the first half of the 00s. Since the middle of the 00s he has been disabled to the extent not able to produce music anymore but before it he had issued a loads of albums under his own Free Sample Zone and some albums on such imprints as WM Recordings, and Comfort Stand Recordings. So his legacy is proudly up there and one should find the way to go there and honour his doings. For sure, he has been one of the symbols of the webaudio world and will stay in that status for future as well. His concept is a bit tricky, and undermining because all of that is based on the oeuvre of other artist's sound. Yet I am quite sure no one of us is able to track down the original authors of this 9-notch outing. In fact, it is a large scale of styles, rhythms and sounds. Given that it can be admitted he turned it into a state of art. I like his psychedelic Afrofunk approach, I have always liked it very much, I like his slightly clumsy rhythmic patterns which slyly work like spiderwebs to catch a listener. You can take part in moody, almost gravity-free snippets by giving you the feel. All is fine, all is consistently bound to create the drive and dreams inside you.

Monday, May 21, 2018

[Teaser of the day] The Organdicks - A Severed Arm Grows Itself A New Body

  • Dada music
  • Minimal synth
  • Avant-garde
  • Leftfield
  • DIY
  • Electronic music
  • Primitronica

Label: Siko
Year: 2003

[Teaser of the day] Greg Houwer - Slow Learner

  • Americana
  • Singer-songwriter
  • Psych-rock
  • Indie rock
  • Alternative rock

Artist: Greg Houwer
Release: Sauna Planet
Year: 2010
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